Thermal Imaging


We can conduct a Thermal Imaging (or Thermography) survey to assess a building’s electrical system and identify any faults or abnormalities. Our trained and experienced Thermal Imaging engineers ensure accurate analysis of the results and sound recommendations.

Surveys can be combined with standard periodic electrical inspection and testing services or conducted separately. Clients are also given the flexibility to customise a survey programme to suit the individual requirements and constraints of their building or site.

Key benefits of a Thermal Imaging survey on an electrical system are:

  • Can be carried out whilst equipment is still operational and live, minimising downtime
  • Detects potential problems before they cause failure and critical disruption
  • Identifies issues which may cause premature wear of components
  • Allows for preventative maintenance to be scheduled in at a convenient time, reducing maintenance and downtime costs
  • Regular Thermal Imaging surveys can help to reduce the risk of fire, increase the lifespan of capital equipment, and increase the energy efficiency of an electrical installation

A Thermal Imaging Camera is used to scan the electrical distribution boards, switchgear and other key components to detect signs of heat. Abnormal heat in an electrical system may indicate loose connections, high resistances, overloads or phase imbalances. The main benefit of a Thermal Imaging survey alongside traditional inspection and testing procedures is that anomalies can often be detected before they cause failure, allowing maintenance to be planned in at a convenient time and avoiding disruption to critical operations.

Electrical system Thermal Imaging surveys are suitable for any type of installation and building, including:

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Factories
  • Production Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure Centres
  • Hotels
  • Offices

A regular programme of Thermal Imaging is one of the most cost effective, accurate and safe ways to ensure electrical systems have maximum uptime. Upon completion of an electrical system Thermal Imaging survey, a full report is provided detailing the findings and recommendations for the rectification of any issues detected. Our engineer will then discuss this report with you and assist to prioritise any preventative maintenance required.

To enquire about our Thermal Imaging surveys for electrical systems, please contact us.